Clarke Brothers involvement with the pig industry began well over forty years ago, manufacturing high quality equipment. Built to meet the demands of the harsh environment associated with liquid feeding of pigs.

In the 1960’s when pipe line feeding became very popular, we realised that the feeders of certain waste foods and by-products stood to benefit greatly from this new system if only these waste products could be reduced to a consistency where they could be pumped through a pipe line. We accomplished this by designing our macerator pumps. These machines were an immediate success, but the same could not be said of the many items of equipment, such as pumps and wet mixers, that were supplied with the systems on the market. This led to us designing and building our own pumps and mixers to a very high standard, to withstand the arduous conditions encountered in pig feeding, a policy which we continue to the present day. While we have tended to specialise in equipment for users of waste food products, we would point out that our pumps are equally suitable for conventional wet feeding systems. A fact born out by some of the big name manufacturers of liquid feeding systems using pumps from our popular “Stainless Steel” range.